Heroes and Arch Villians







PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Screeching alarms split his head, flashing lights blared but it was immaterial now, he’d taken out all of his captors. Their futile attempts to stop him were no match for his deadly combination of karate and cunning.
Blood flowed from his shoulder, one of them had got lucky but that was no impediment, he’d stitch it up with the thread concealed in his teeth.
The last corridor to negotiate; he strode down it confidently; the enemy had nothing left.
“Davies! What are you doing dawdling here? The lesson’s started.”
“Damn! A survivor!” He was caught. “Another afternoon of double maths.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

Chapter 10 – Always Something There to Remind Me

cafe-interior Thoughts of guilt and despair crashed through her mind. Radio and daytime TV offered no succour. She needed to get out. She’d take her Kindle and treat herself to a cream tea.
Idling through town, woollen hat and scarf wrapped against the cold, she found herself outside the Diner. Remembering the music, milkshakes and good times, she regretted she couldn’t enter; John might be there. Head bowed, she hurried by. The doorbell tinkled as she stepped into the café, unwinding her scarf.
John looked up from a table, “What are you doing here?”
“Avoiding the diner,” she groaned with resignation.

Chapter 9 – Love the One You’re With

despair-2 Staying in bed was only saturating the pillow. Wrapping a dressing gown round her, Alison threw herself at the cleaning, not daring to stop for a cup of tea. Struggling to control her inner debate, she turned on the hoover to drown it out.
Like a mantra, she narrated the clichés her mother would spill. “The grass is rarely greener, better the devil you know; be grateful for what you have.”
But nothing would dispel the voice of love iterating, “Compromise isn’t happiness. Love doesn’t know compromise.”
“It’ll pass,” she whispered, “No texts, no calls, I won’t see him again.”

Chapter 8 – Though You Treat Me Like You Do

hugs Stuart stared at the stale mascara streaks betraying her sleepless night.
“Whatever’s up? You look awful.”
“Nothing, just a tough night, I suppose.” She averted her eyes.
“You were late. Something happen? You didn’t fall out with your friends? I know how you lot can be sometimes.”
His depiction of her and her friends’ relationship offered a welcome chance to laugh.
“No, everything’s fine. I told you, just had a particularly scary nightmare, silly to dwell on it.”
He pulled her close, “Hugs for my Darling. Don’t you worry! You’re safe with me.”
“Yes,” she echoed, “I’m safe with you.”

Chapter 7 – A Feeling I Don’t Want to Know

pop-art-tears Alison laid down and listened to his rhythmic breathing. In the dark he was just a lumpy silhouette but she didn’t need light or him to be awake, to know the look of the ever-resident kindness in his still, grey eyes.
But, what beyond kindness? She involuntarily compared John’s dark spark to Stuart’s dullness and the pillow began to grow damp from her tears.
She felt guilty and assailed by irresistible forces. Reaching for a tissue, she sat up to wipe her nose.
Stuart stirred, “What’s up, babe?”
She stuttered a smile, “Just a scary nightmare. Nothing to worry about.”

Just Got to Keep Moving







He’d lit the fuse of yet another city. Standing on the bridge, Jake contemplated the rails disappearing in every direction, over mysterious horizons to unnumbered tempting futures.
He sighed, “How many times before I run out of track?”
Kicking the heavy canvas bag at his feet he smiled, “They’ll come after me, alright.” The first train hissed to a halt.
“How long can I continue? Perhaps this time I’ll find honest employment, make a proper new start.”
Slumping into his seat, he thought again, “But let’s not be hasty, maybe this track, is the beautiful one headed to rainbow’s end.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 words story based on a photo prompt. Hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.




Chapter 6 – Remember me in Roses

fireworksJohn watched her stumble down the road, her shaky hand fumble the key. He waited until the door closed behind her.
Slowly he edged his car from the kerb and coasted silently down the narrow street. He didn’t know where to go but, home would be too soon.
He drove to a park overlooking the Christmas lit town, pulled a CD wallet from beneath the passenger seat and selected, Janis Ian’s ‘Have Mercy Love.’
Crackling fireworks chattered across the sky, interspersed with resounding, robust explosions.
“When love goes boom, it’s doesn’t work, if one of you hides from the blast.”