January 2016

New Year’s resolutions and all that, I finally start on my blogging journey. I have always written; in my formative years with my father helping me along with the big words and finding tricky endings, to my teenage school days where I managed the odd prize for creative writing. I was always going to be a writer, that I was sure of. That is until the age of majority got in the way and there was always too much else to do, places to be visited, sport to be played and life to be sampled. Writing could wait until I’d done all that. However, then comes work, money to be earned, followed by marriage, mortgage and children to be raised.

Today I arrive at the point where the nestlings have fledged, my ankles and knees won’t play sport, however much the brain wants to, and there is no longer any ready made excuse for procrastination.

I am nearing the completion of my first novel. It’s virtually complete, I’ve been through the messing it all up on Scrivener stage, but my awesome friend has come to my rescue, as she always seems to do, and it’s full steam ahead again. I’ll be posting updates from here on in.

The rest is my take on life and what it throws up. I believe there’s beauty or humour or both in everything, and hopefully my posts will reflect that.


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Where does your novel stand now, Michael?
    And by the way, when I click on your handsome face (when commenting on my blog), I am directed to a blog that doesn’t exist… thought you’d like to know!

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    • Oh yes, that was my first attempt at starting a blog which went wrong so I started again. Unfortunately, I can’t get rid of the old one completely. My novel has been rejected about a dozen times so far. I need to submit to more but I find it so tedious, they all want different things,so I put it of all the time. However, I’m not giving up whilst contemplating self-publishing. I’ve found a cover artist.

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      • Hmm… maybe check your Gravatar and change the link…
        I can totally understand the tediousness of it all. I’ll just encourage you and say don’t give up! You’re way ahead of where I am. Still plugging away intermittently…


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